Workplace Wellness

Find the perfect option for your team. Every person in your team will receive personalised support and accountability from their health coach through the Nourished and Strong app.


We work with clients with all types of budgets. We are the outsourced wellbeing company that works along side and partners with your organisation.

We will assess your current challenges and work together to put a personalised wellness programme for you company. Our game changing system. This is what makes us different. Total flexibility around how many memberships you have means everyone will get access to their own health coach.  Simple way to explain this is we have a company we work with who has 20 staff and they have 6 rolling memberships. Every 6 weeks employees get access to our programmes and health coach.

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  • 30 minute one on one session every 3 weeks
  • Personalised Wellness & Nutrition plan
  • 1 x group on-boarding session
  • Access to the Nourished & Strong App
  • Personalised coaching through App
  • Tailored Macronutrient plan
  • Goal setting & habit programme


Fun, interactive, challenging and highly engaging seminars or webinars that will leave the audience informed and motivated.

Our workshops will be personalised to each workplace!

Recent workshops & talks:

  • The direct link between Nutrition & Mental Health
  • Stress and Fatigue
  • Gut Health - The body’s second brain


If you are not assessing you are guessing!

Our Complete Corporate Lifestyle check will cover all aspects of Nourished and Strong’s  philosophy, allowing your team a better understanding of their health status. We are lucky to have a registered nurse and nutrition coach on our team who takes our health checks.

All tests are confidential and include:

  • Height, Weight, Blood Pressure and Resting Heart Rate
  • Cardio Check – Total Blood Cholesterol and Blood Glucose
  • Type 2 Diabetes Risk Profile
  • Mental Health Questionnaire


Healthy competition among workmates is good especially if it involves healthy habits. Have fun, build teamwork, and make stronger connections with our  challenges. We can customise a challenge that best suits your organisation

6 Week Body!
Move & Mindful
Gut Health & Mental
10K Step Challenge


Our holistic programme covers all aspects of mindfulness from resilience, job satisfaction, mental health, emotional intelligence and more.

The mindful workplace

Team Development

Guided Meditation

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Workplace Wellness

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