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How we work

We come to your home and cook enough food to last you and your family a week.

* We also offer fortnightly, monthly, or once-off support.

First, book your day/s, chef, and time.

Then, the week prior you select your meal from a meal plan we provide. You then do your grocery shop at your chosen supplier when it is most convenient for you - we preference towards supporting Organic and local suppliers, but this is your choice. Alternatively, we provide grocery shopping services at additional costs.

The day of your cook-up we come into your home for three hours. Our goal is to cook enough food to last you and your family for a week (dependent on how much you and your family eat - it may last longer or less).

We then leave, leaving your kitchen neat and tidy with a kitchen full of wholesome and tasty meals.

We cook for your needs as our menu options include meat or vegan, gluten-free, refined sugar-free, dairy-free, soy-free, and nut-free. We often get asked if we just do snacks or main meals in one cook-up, and the answer is yes. We also get asked if meat can be added to vegan dishes or if we cater to raw vegans, the answer is also yes.  If you have additional needs, we cater to this too - please send us a message if you are unsure.


We specialize in creating a meal experience that brings your retreat or event together. We understand the importance of nourishing one’s body and soul, and we take that into account when we cater.


Our team of chefs are passionate about creating tailor-made menus that are unique to each retreat/event, and our on/off-site services ensure that all our meals are fresh and made with real ingredients that are organic/spray free.

We take the time to understand your retreat/event needs to provide the perfect food experience.

ABOUT ALANA - the founder

Alana, born a foodie, has lived in the kitchen since age 3. Her fondest memories include her hair wrapped tight to blenders (with nasty eggs on her head), making mud patties, and mixing flour, water, and food dye which she served to her mother.

Her skills have progressed immensely since her initial days.  Now, her goal is to nourish all individuals through wholesome, bright, and tasty food despite individual preferences and allergies. Alana has a vast knowledge of food, flavours and creating almost anything from a few ingredients.

Alana loves cooking and lives in her client's kitchens, at retreats, or with her friends in nature, hosting dinner parties or at cafes. Alana also loves her alone time and is often found at the beach, painting/drawing, moving her body, at the farmers market, travelling, reading, or cooking for herself.

Alana also has a cookbook called Nourish'D NATURALLY within. This book was developed after a brutal 7-year eating disorder whereby Alana lost 33% of her body weight at age 14. The book encourages individuals to connect back to their body, nourish their temple and ignite their inner light - no more illness or fear - which is what healed Alana.

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